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Independant & freelancer Interior Architect and CG Artist, 37 years old; Walid Layouni Established STRAIGHTLINE Interior Design L.L.C association in 2002-Dubai, SRAIGHTLINE Interiors S.A.R.L Tunisia, in 2008, And STRAIGHTLINE Interiors W.L.L association – Qatar in 2011.

In May 2013 Layouni's back to Tunisia Etablished in june 2013 The 3D Art Studio specialzed in Interior Archviz and GOLDSMOOTH new market of high Quality and professional 3d models industriy in September, 2013.

Believing in the unicity Layouni's working hardly to create his own style in the field of luxury design..

Personal ownership is the essence of our ideology allowing us to bring experience, creativity, practicality and professionalism to all our projects. Whether you're a global brand, a new start up, a corporation or an individual our approach is to balance creativity with practicality, enthusiasm with passion from concept through to delivery and implementation.

We understand that the built environment shapes, informs and influences our everyday life. Design therefore has a direct influence consciously and subconsciously upon our quality of life.Our design philosophy is capture this and to model space creatively into flexible yet stimulating environments based upon the functional requirements of our clients.


Interior Design


3d interior rendering is one of the most popular services for architects, interior designers and real estate companies. 3d rendering has many benefits; you and your client can visualize the final project before the major construction and renovations are done or you want more attention on your architectural projects for marketing purposes. We are ready to assist you with our creative services. Below, you can see 3d rendering examples of successful architectural projects.

3D Course in Tunis is a One to One training course which we have designed for people who want to start learning 3ds Max & VRay either from no previous knowledge about 3D softwares or they already know how to use other 3D softwares. Its an intense and quick course and you will learn 3D Modeling, Texturing, Lighting and Rendering.

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From “Concept to Completion” we provide the chosen interior design approach and brief tailored to your specific lifestyle and vision. Following site surveys we develop a full set of architectural design drawings, preparing inspiration and style boards. With your approval a full set of working drawings are presented in Auto CAD facilitating the final stage – full project management where we transform your dreams and vision into reality.



3D Visualizations


Bridal Palace - KSA